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But “disappointment” over failure to simplify information services

The Association of Learning Providers (ALP) has endorsed the findings of Lord Leitch’s final report on the UK’s skills base.

Further, the suggestion that the majority of public funding for adult vocational skills in England should be entirely routed through Train to Gain and Learner Accounts, was wholly consistent with the ALP’s own submission to the review.

The ALP has stressed the importance of, and welcomed the review’s proposition in, bringing a fully demand-led state funded skills training system forward to 2010.

Chief Executive of the ALP, Graham Hoyle, said: “A fully contestable demand-led system for skills is the only way to meet the enormous challenges that Lord Leitch has outlined in his agenda-setting report”.

“Under the various government and LSC initiatives to improve standards over the past five years, all providers have had ample time to ensure that their skills provision can be tested by the forces of competition. As Lord Leitch says, the choice of the provider should lie entirely with the employer or the individual learner. We cannot have it both ways, saying that we provide a good service to employers and then expect “protected” business to still be handed to us”.

However, one point of contention was the proposed merger of guidance services for adults in England; the ALP recommends that the review should have proposed a universal, all-age independent service that ensures young people and adults are receiving proper advice and information on their post-16 education and training opportunities.

Mr Hoyle added: “The ALP board met Mark Haysom and his senior management team at the LSC last week to discuss the way ahead and our members are very pleased with how the LSC’s “Agenda for Change” reforms are currently progressing”.

“The LSC’s wish to prioritise the skills needs of those looking for work in line with Leitch’s thinking is also a major step forward”.

Vijay Pattni.

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