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City & Guilds Director General looks back at 2007 and tells FE News what is on his wish list for 200

FE News is getting all reflective as 2007 draws to a close. We”ve asked some of our contributors from the last 12 months to look back on the year that’s just gone, whilst looking ahead to 2008.

Chris Humphries, Director General at City & Guilds was appointed Chief Executive of the new UK Commission for Employment and Skills earlier this year, and takes up his new post in January.

What for you has been the most welcome development or announcement affecting FE and WBL in 2007?

CH: I hope readers will understand why, for me, the most welcome development has been the creation the new UK Commission for Employment and Skills, with a very impressive team of Commissioners, and the UK-wide remit to ensure that the UK builds the world class employment and skills system it needs to ensure productivity, long-term economic prosperity and social justice.

And the worst thing to occur in FE in 2007?

CH: I sincerely hope the worst isnt the announcement of the new Chief Executive for the Commission.

What would be on your Christmas wish list for FE?

CH: On my Christmas list for FE will be (i) that the sector gets a renewed sense of pride in being, potentially, the most important economic development tool in the United Kingdom, and (ii) that the sector recruits the dynamic and effective leadership it needs to make that potential a reality.

What will City & Guilds new years resolutions be?

CH: City & Guilds new years resolutions will be to develop qualifications that are increasingly fit for employers purposes, to further improve customer service and responsiveness, and to get a better Director General than the one that just deserted them.

Read about Chris Humphries appointment to UK Commission for Employment and Skills here.

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