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Corporate Motor Giant Selects Carter & Carter Division for Training Support Needs

The key to the success of a business is an expansion in the elusive profit margin. There are a number of means for achieving this end, including downsizing of staff levels, sourcing production to cheaper locations and rationalisation of the means of production and distribution.

However, as any regular readers of FE News will have noted, education and training offer an excellent means for satisfying all sides of the company; employers, employees and customers alike. Offering opportunities for skills enhancement aids the recruitment and retention of better trained and better motivated staff, thus driving up both quality and productivity. The automobile industry is no stranger to the need for highly skilled staff, and Suzuki are busily proving that they are no exception following the announcement of their recent link up with Carter & Carter training.

Delivering Training Support

The Suzuki Motor Corporation has recently announced that they have selected the Specialised Service Division of Carter & Carter Group plc (EMTEC) for the development and delivery of global training support packages for their distributors. This sees one of the dominant forces in the global automotive market team up with one of the leading providers of government funded learning and outsourced training products and services.

The training is specifically targeted at Suzuki distributors” training staff, offering support to those responsible for managing the training programmes of the staff. The programme is also an effort to guarantee the same standard of training on offer across the world. It will begin with what EMTEC call a “Train the Trainer” course, ensuring that all training staff understand the best methods in constructing and delivering a top quality training programme.

Following the completion of this basic level, the scheme will then see a world wide campaign rolled out to tackle skills level in the many different countries within which Suzuki distributors operate. This will be made possible through the use of e-learning programmes which will allow staff access to the same materials no matter where they may be.

Need for Training

Speaking of the programme, Geoff Peek, the technical training consultant with EMTEC, said: “Suzuki Motor Corporation recognises the need for quality global training and ensuring a consistently high standard is maintained in its dealerships across the world. We are delighted to have been chosen by Suzuki Motor Corporation to develop this training programme and are confident we can provide first class training support and develop an effective training structure for the future.”

A spokesman for Suzuki Motor Corporation stated: “Training the trainer is extremely important to Suzuki and is vital to ensuring a coherency in training across the company. It also means our trainers are kept constantly up to date with the latest training ideas and methodologies. We were impressed with EMTEC’s history and knowledge of implementing such programmes and are looking forward to working with them in the future.”

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