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Ed Balls announces plans to improve school system

A National Council for Education Excellence has been set up by the Government. Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Children Schools and Families announced that its aim was to drive forward aspirations in the school system by drawing input from business, FE and higher education.

The Prime Minister and Ed Balls will chair the Council. Other members include Sir Terry Leahy, CEO of Tesco, Sir John Rose CE of Rolls Royce, and Richard Lambert, Director General at the CBI. The principals of Loreto College in Manchester and Newcastle College will also sit on the council which will meet quarterly to discuss how to improve standards in schools and advise the Government on strategies to transform performance.

Ed Balls said: “Our task in the next decade is for our education system to become world class. We need to transform national aspirations and expectations for the school system so that we can continue to raise standards year on year.

“But to do this, we must make it easier for business, university, schools and the voluntary sector to contribute. This Council and its members will act as advocates and champions, mobilising every section of the community behind this national mission, and in particular, driving our aspiration that every secondary school should have a business and university partner.”

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