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Education Secretary Egged on Way to Trial for Fathers 4 Justice Egging

The Secretary of State for Education, Ruth Kelly MP, has seen a difficult start to 2006 worsen as she was egged for the second time in ten months today.

Ms. Kelly was on her way to attend a trial for a member of “Fathers 4 Justice” the now disbanded group of campaigners for fathers” rights when she was egged, according to BBC News and Sky News. Ironically, the trial was concerned with another alleged egging incident, which took place a year ago as she addressed an audience in her Bolton West constituency.

Two Eggs are Better Than One?

The past few months have seen the Education Secretary very much in the spotlight as proposed school reforms brought backbench Labour MPs, led by former Party Leader Lord Kinnock and former Education Secretary Estelle Morris, out from beneath the whip’s yoke, so to speak. There were calls for Ms. Kelly to resign after the controversy surrounding the issue of “List 99” and the sex offenders list.

Ms. Kelly attempted to duck and avoid the projectile poultry produce, but still ended up with the proverbial and literal egg on her face. Such an event is enough to leave anyone “shell ““ shocked”, and all of us at FE News, in spite of enjoying the chance to have a play on words, do not of course wish to egg on this kind of behaviour!

To see the image of Ms. Kelly post ““ egging, please click here.

Jethro Marsh

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