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Electrical installation tops skill popularity table


Electrical installation is officially the most popular industry skill, according to the UK’s leading vocational education organisation.

City & Guilds has revealed that electrical installation is the most popular – with 97,411 certified learners – followed by social care and hairdressing with 62,987 and 47,506 respectively.

Other studies which made the most popular list included plumbing, beauty therapy and construction.

The study shows a significant rise in vocational learning awards of 11 per cent over the last year across the country.

Chris Jones, director general and CEO of City & Guilds, believe this reflects how individuals are more willing to learn and employers more willing to invest in staff training to compete in the current economic climate.

Mr Jones said: “Growing numbers of people are recognising the value of work-related learning and equipping themselves with the right skills and training they need to succeed and lead in today’s fast-paced economy.”

According to City & Guilds, the data shows the importance of vocational education to the future recovery and success of the economy. It allows learners to become skilled in new technologies and other traditional studies.

Learners are also becoming more attracted to emerging, less traditional industries.

An increasing number of people are also investing in green studies such as energy efficiency, conservation and environmental studies. Other are gaining qualifications in solar panel and wind turbine installation.

These skills are most popular amongst learners in the North-East, with Newcastle being the most eco-friendly city – with 673 trained in energy efficiency.

Elsewhere, Edinburgh excels in hospitality and catering; Bristol boasts the largest number of trained hairdressers; Leeds is the centre for sports and recreation; Sheffield plays host the largest number of health professionals and the North-West of England is home to the biggest number of qualified cleaners.

High-tech qualifications such as CAD (computer aided design), computer aided engineering and 3D studies have also proved increasingly popular.

Mr Jones added: “With apprenticeships and work-related learning now a firm priority on the UK’s education agenda, demand for skills-based courses has never been higher.

“Our learner data reveals that Britain really has got talent!”

Mark Astley

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