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Employees the Key to Unlocking Door to Success in Organisation, says IiP

“Employees are central to the success of any organisation,” explains Ruth Spellman, Chief Executive of Investors in People (IiP).

Rith Spellman was speaking at the signing of a brand new joint agreement with the newly formed Unionlearn body. The two organisations will come together in a pact to maximise their contributions to the workplace learning sector, and represents another massive leap for the Trade Union Congress” (TUC’s) fledgling unionlearn workplace learning initiative.

Upbeat Appoach

Brendan Barber, TUC General Secretary, was generally positive and upbeat about the cooperation. “Our new partnership with Investors in People will put our two organisations in the forefront of promoting the Governments drive to increase learning and skills in the workplace,” he said, ahead of the signing ceremony scheduled to take place this week.

He continued, saying: “Together we will actively work to make sure that greater numbers of employers and workers take up the learning challenge and boost their organisations effectiveness.” IiP will be hoping to utilise this new relationship to persuade more employers to implement their standard and furthermore to share unionlearn platforms to run the newly developed “Engaging in Investors in People course”.

“There is good evidence to suggest that those who invest in their staff’s training and development enjoy lower employee turnover, higher productivity and improved staff morale,” said Ruth. The ambitious agreement sees fresh impetus on promoting matters of equality, diversity, continuous professional development, lifelong learning and respect for people at work. Hopeful about the two bodies” future relationship, Ruth said: “We look forward to working with the TUC to help employers realise the business benefits of investing in their people.”

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