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General Secretary Speaks at AoC Fairer Funding Rally

Paul Mackney, General Secretary of The University and College Lecturers” Union, NATFHE, will be amongst hundreds of college representatives calling on MPs and Ministers for a fairer funding deal for further education today.The parliamentary lobby, organised by the Association of Colleges, will coincide with a two-day strike over pay by lecturers at ten further education colleges across England.

“Lecturers at colleges across England are on strike today because they are not prepared to wait for nationally agreed pay increases any longer. NATFHE accepts that part of the problem is that colleges still do not receive adequate funding despite assurances from Government over three years ago that the shocking 10 per cent gap funding gap between them and schools would be eliminated,” said Mackney.

Earlier this month, Dr Kim Howells MP, Minister for Further Education, claimed that gap has now narrowed to eight per cent, however research by the AoC suggests it still stands at ten. Mackey argues that by closing this gap, many colleges would no longer struggle “to pay their lecturers the decent salaries they deserve.”

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