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Grades Once Again Reach Towering Levels at Sixth Form College

This year’s “A” Level results revealed that students from Tower Hamlets Sixth Form College had performed excellently yet again. Proud teachers and ecstatic students gathered at the college on Poplar High Street, many discovering they had achieved the grades required for their university places.

Nilima Islam was one of the many brave students who opened her results early on air for BBC Radio. To her delight, her place at London School of Economics (LSE) to study Law had been secured with her results of two As and two Bs. Sharing her emotions with a national audience of millions she was a little overwhelmed, saying: “It’s only just sinking in.”

More and More High Fliers

With the government’s definition of a high flier being someone who achieves three Bs or more, the number of high fliers at Tower Hamlets has increased by almost 12% this year. As a result, there have generally been more high grades achieved, with a 4% rise in A-C grades.

Many subjects, ten in all, ranging from Accounting and Sociology to Economics and English saw pass rates of 100% at the college this year. An additional AS level in Critical Thinking was taken by many students at the college and this year saw a spectacular performance amongst the young learners of the college. All participants passed and a massive 77% A-C grades was achieved.

Dedicated to Achieving the Best

Ken Warman, the Director of the college, took the time and this opportunity to praise the efforts of both students and staff. “These great results show how hard our students worked for their exams,” he said. “They demonstrate that young people of Tower Hamlets are capable of the very highest achievement and of competing with the very best.”

New students are enrolling for the college in September. Over 30 AS/A Level subjects can be chosen from along with a variety of courses at all levels and numerous subjects. For those wishing to secure a place at the college, the last chance to enroll is from 6th-15th September. Further details can be found by clicking here or by calling the advice line on 020 7510 7777.

Angela Balakrishnan

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