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ILM Launch New NVQ in Managing Voluntary Sector

The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) has launched the UK’s first ever suite of qualifications for managers of the voluntary sector.

Designed specifically for individuals who manage volunteers, the new qualifications will equip managers to effectively plan, organise and monitor voluntary workers.The new NVQ will also consist of providing guidance on evaluating volunteers” contribution to organisational goals and good practice on inspiring workers who are not motivated by pay cheques.

How did it Come About?

Now, how did such a qualification come about?

Well, the Voluntary Sector National Training Organisation (VSNTO) recently undertook a study titled “Improving Our Skills” and found a sector-specific skills shortage in management training, particularly for those managing volunteers. It, therefore, deemed the area to be a priority in terms of development needs. Therefore, the ILM is the first awarding body to meet the leadership and management needs of the voluntary sector directly.

With 59% of the voluntary sector earning an income of less that £10,000 per year, managers can struggle to maintain productive working environments in which their teams feel valued, happy and motivated. So, this new NVQ by the ILM has been created with input from across the voluntary sector to equip the managers with the core competences needed to address issues like this.

An Exciting Development?

June Hawkins, Head of Development at ILM said: “This exciting new suite of qualifications underlines ILM’s increasing commitment to the “third sector”. ILM is proud to have worked with the Voluntary Sector National Training Organisation (UK Workforce Hub) to develop these NVQs which will allow organisations to improve the skills of their staff who manage volunteers.”

Andy Winter, Director of Learning & Consultancy for YMCA England which represents over 10,000 staff and volunteers welcomed the new qualifications: “These new qualifications from ILM are a timely potential solution to those managers across the voluntary sector who are tasked with managing, motivating and involving volunteers in their organisations work.”

At all the levels of this qualification, candidates may take further optional units for their continuing professional development. The multi-level structure of these NVQs enables participants to progress from one level to the next as their career develops. Furthermore, ILM’s range of NVQs in generic management is also available for team leaders, first line, middle and senior managers and can be used to broaden a candidate’s qualifications.

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