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Innovative London plumbing facility to provide hands-on learning

Newly-qualified and trainee plumbers are set to benefit from a new practice workshop being opened this August in Eltham, South London.

Specialists Eltham Plumbing will use the pioneering facility to provide essential hands-on experience of real plumbing installations.

Opening six days a week, aspiring plumbers will pay £35 a day for access to a range of installations to practice on. Resident tutors and qualified plumbers will also be on call to provide guidance and support. 

"The market is awash with trainee and newly-qualified plumbers, so those hopefuls who have the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge by getting valuable practical experience, such as offered by our workshop, will have a better chance of getting jobs and work placements," said managing director James Nam Tran.

Such an opportunity is hard to come by because many colleges and training centres do not offer plumbing facilities for in depth practical learning, and instead largely focus on learning its theory.

Eltham Plumbing has also announced a special opening offer to coincide with the training centre’s launch. Until the end of September, attendees booking and paying for five days in the workshop (Monday to Friday) will receive the sixth day (Saturday) free.

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