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Jamie Oliver pioneers teacher-friendly cookery course for colleges

A new two-level cookery qualification has been pioneered by celebrated chef Jamie Oliver for UK secondary schools and FE colleges.

Working in partnership with Edexcel, the largest academic and vocational awarding body in the UK, and education publisher Heinemann, the course uses inspirational video footage to encourage young people to cook from fresh.

“I wanted a course that would inspire kids but also inspire teachers; something that would be both easy and fun to teach,” says Mr Oliver.

He adds: “We have a generation of young adults now who live off ready-meals and takeaways, and we wonder why so many kids and young people are becoming obese. Home cooking from fresh is one of the greatest pieces of knowledge anyone can have. It saves people money and it saves lives. What greater gift could any teacher give their class?”

Rod Bristow, president of publishing group Pearson, which owns Edexcel, says: “I have great admiration for Jamie and the way he has championed nutritional value. Pearson brings to that passion a reputation for high quality qualifications and innovative learning resources. You could argue that together we make the perfect recipe for success.

“The course has been developed to inspire both students and teachers using a variety of resources and the latest technology. Jamie’s vision of equipping children and adults with the skill and ability to cook healthy and nutritious meals sits seamlessly with our desire to ensure everyone is able to achieve their full potential.”

The Home Cooking Skills course will be launched in September this year. To meet an increasing government emphasis on healthy living, food is set to become a compulsory part of KS3 curriculum from September 2011 onwards.

Susannah Fairbairn

(Pictured: Chef Jamie Oliver. Credit: Chris Terry) 

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