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Powering People Campaign Stressing Changing Face of British Education Needs

On Saturday, the Open University launched the Powering People campaign. The marketing series stresses the importance of lifelong learning and adult education.

The Open Universitys Vice Chancellor Professor Brenda Gourley said the campaign was an important milestone in the ongoing rollout of the revised OU brand and identity.

“It confidently positions us as modern, dynamic, innovative and open institution but it also has a serious underlying message about the value and importance of lifelong learning to both individuals and society,” Gourley said.

£2 million investment

The £2 million campaign, which features a series of television advertisements, also places special emphasis on part-time education as an extremely valuable option for many adults already working. Gourley hopes that more of those in influential posts will see the initiative’s importance and take action supporting it.

“The Powering People campaign is a reminder of the value of part-time study and is launched with the hope that the present imbalance in government support for part-time study will soon be redressed,” she said.

Created by FCBi London, the campaign demonstrates how learning is avital part of people’s lives, just as important in its way as the fundamentals of daily life are in theirs.

A Strong Economy

“If our economy is to remain strong then education provision is every bit as essential a requirement tin our society as heat or light,” Gourley said “We need a system that makes it easier, not more difficult, to dip in and out of education to meet the demands of changing life.”

The initial phase of the campaign will run through June and July. ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, as well as satellite television channels, will show the various advertisements.

“The Open University is an engine of learning that’s capable of driving everyone, touching everyones lives,” said FCBis Executive Creative Director, Dan Douglas. “A big claim needs a big advertising idea – and thats what weve got in Powering People.”

Kate Watkins

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