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LSC Bid to Help Local Business and Workforce Face Consequences of Buncefield Fire

Following the disastrous fire at the Buncefield fuel depot near Hemel Hempstead, local businesses and workers are facing a difficult time adjusting to the aftermath of the event.

In a bid to assist them in this transition, the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) has made an initial pledge of £200,000 to support the recovery of the Maylands business area. The LSC will work with the recovery task force to ensure that identified training needs can be addressed quickly and responsively.

LSC Help to Meet Challenge

The LSC state that part of their mission is to make England better skilled and more competitive, especially in vocational qualifications and training. The cash boost they are providing is an instant initial response to meet the demand of the area severely affected by businesses closing either temporarily or permanently. The cash boost will support training and advice for those that are at risk of losing their jobs, or whose business has been similarly affected.

The Executive Director of the LSC in Hertfordshire, Roy Bain, said: “It is important to react quickly to events such as this and hopefully, the LSC’s urgent injection of additional money will reduce the adverse impact of the fire. We envisage that the money will be used to offer information, advice and guidance as well as re-training for those whose jobs and businesses have been hit.”

Employers who wish to know more should call the Business Helpline on 01727 813 476.

Jethro Marsh

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