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LSN and BT launch e-Portfolio system for VQ assessment

An e-Portfolio system to simplify the process of gaining vocational qualifications for students and their assessors was launched yesterday by education charity LSN and BT, the telecommunications giant.

BT Qualify comes pre-loaded with all major NVQs and hundreds of other key qualifications – and more can be added on request.

It aims to make VQ assessment easier and faster through a simple interface and support for collaborative working, allowing learners, verifiers and employers to access their portfolio simultaneously.

“With each NVQ typically being based around several hundred qualification criteria, gathering and compiling all the evidence required can be no mean feat – for students or their tutors,” said John Stone, chief executive of LSN.

“BT Qualify streamlines the process into a simple online system, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you are. Gone are the days when assessors have to carry round dozens of heavy portfolios or can’t work because the portfolio is with the student or back at the college.

“It also makes it easier than ever before to map evidence across multiple qualifications and their criteria and to track student progress.”

According to LSN, the system’s design is the product of its close dialogue with college management. As a result, it provides a wide range of real-time management reports at individual, cohort and college-wide level.

Sally Taylor, head of learning at BT Learn Diverse, believes e-Portfolios are the “next logical step forward” to enhance the student experience.

Ms Taylor said: “BT Qualify was developed over a number of years, and represents a robust, cost-effective alternative for colleges fed up with the time and resource implications of managing paper-based assessment portfolios.

“We are excited to be in the position to help vocational learners get full benefit from assessment management technology.”

Susannah Fairbairn

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