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Lynne Sedgemore Looks Back on 2005 and Forward to 2006 at FE

FE is a sector in the midst of change, and is often at the forefront of change. The events of 2005 have served to confirm this as FE has been more prominent and successful, and on occasion more turbulent, than ever before. We at FE NewsFE News are delighted that Lynne Sedgemore, Chief Executive of the Centre for Excellence in Leadership (CEL), was willing to offer our readers her thoughts on 2005 and 2006.


Question: “What was the most significant development for FE in your opinion in 2005?”

Lynne Sedgemore: “The Foster report and the clear focus on leadership and its impact within the sector.”

Question: “What was the area of FE that you feel has been neglected this year?”

Lynne Sedgemore: “Staff pay and incentives.”

Question: “What has been your proudest moment of the year?”

Lynne Sedgemore: “The strong feedback on customer satisfaction to CEL and evidence that partnerships with providers are bringing about real impact and improvement.”

Question: “What was the funniest memory from FE ““ work or otherwise – from this year?”

Lynne Sedgemore: “The best of Graham Jones” articles.”


Question: “If you had to choose three things for FE’s Santa to bring for 2006, what would they be?”

Lynne Sedgemore: “Unlimited finance and resources, our own FE factor primetime TV show and three million votes per week, and total staff joy, satisfaction, motivation, reward and leadership.”

Question: “What is the agency / organisation other than your own that you expect to be most heavily involved in furthering FE in 2006?”

Lynne Sedgemore: “The Quality Improvement Agency (QIA) in strong partnership with others.”

Question: “What changes do you fear will affect FE negatively in the coming year?”

Lynne Sedgemore: “The inability to cope with all the changes needed, alongside climate.”

Question: “Which of next year’s conferences do you think will be the most exciting / interesting and why?”

Lynne Sedgemore: “CEL’s ““ we hope to be the platform for informing the sector on the next stage of Foster and Leitch ““ and we know how to have fun!”

All of us at FE News would like to thank Lynne Sedgemore for her time and contribution.

Jethro Marsh

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