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MEP Joins With LSC to Celebrate ESF Funded Inner – City Project.

Jean Lambert MEP was the special guest at a gala bash held last week to celebrate the achievements of a youth project funded jointly by the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) and European Social Fund (ESF). The event, held at St Katherine’s Dock, London, featured performances and exhibitions from young people participating in the programme.

The Fairbridge project reaches out to the 10% of young people who have ceased to be part of society because they are outside formal education, training, or employment. Fairbridge aims to equip participants with self-belief and useful new skills, and works in inner – city areas throughout Britain. In London it runs in Hackney, Kilburn, Lambeth and Streatham.

The Spirit of Fairbridge

The London teams came together to celebrate their achievements last week as the project’s tall ship, “The Spirit of Fairbridge”, made a rare visit to London from its base in Scotland. The party involved music, dancing, drumming and an exhibition of photography.

According to 16-year-old Phillip Sinclair, involved with the Lambeth team: “We all worked really hard ““ it was great to be able to get up on stage somewhere like St Katharine’s Dock”.

The ESF targets economically deprived areas of the EU in a bid to achieve social cohesion. In some inner – city areas of the UK, unemployment runs at six times the national average. Projects like Fairbridge are in the vanguard of efforts to address this imbalance, and all credit is due to the LSC and ESF for supporting them.

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