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Minister unveils Wales” action plan for driving education and skills

Welsh Minister Jane Davidson has launched the Welsh Assembly Government’s plan for driving forward the nation’s skills and learning until 2010.

As Minister for Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills, she launched the document entitled “The Learning Country: Vision into Action” last week detailing the second stage in “The Learning Country” programme that began in 2001.

Speaking on the launch, the Minister said: “Today is a special day for learning in Wales as we set out our vision for education, lifelong learning and skills up until 2010. We have achieved an enormous amount during the past five years and Wales can be justly proud of the achievements of its learners, practitioners and centres of learning, but now it is time to refresh those goals in light of our successes and to raise our sights still further”.

“Vision into Action is an ambitious programme, but we cannot afford to fail. Education, lifelong learning and skills are essential to Wales” economic success and health and wellbeing for the whole country. The document is also intrinsic to the delivery of our Child Poverty Implementation Plan and as a Government we will drive both strategies forward with vigour and commitment”.

Recommendations from the report include promoting a Welsh Language Sabbaticals scheme for primary and secondary school teachers and for FE practitioners; rolling out the Welsh Baccalaureate at Advanced and Intermediate levels in post-16 education and piloting a Foundation level model and a comprehensive review of further education.

She continued: “I am especially proud that the document is evidence-based. We work very closely with the EU and countries across the world to ensure that we import the very best practice into Wales. We need to learn from the best to be the best. I want Wales to be a learning country that sets positive examples for other countries and I know from experience the world is becoming increasingly aware of the excellent policies Wales is pioneering”.

“Nelson Mandela made an observation that: Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. But with vision and action you can change the world. In the Learning Country we have clearly set out our vision and stated the action we will take to make the vision a reality”.

“I believe the strategy we have is the right one for Wales and we have support and commitment of our partners to deliver. We are well on the way to making Wales a learning country and by 2010 we will have achieved truly great things”.

Vijay Pattni.

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