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New Award for Community Sport from Sector Skills Council

The SkillsActive Professional Development Board has approved a new award scheme which recognises safe and effective practice in the recreational industry.

The up to date award in Community Sports Leadership at level 2 replaces the former Community Sports Leaders Award (CSLA). This new award programme will be given to the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) for inclusion on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). In 2001 the level 1 award attracted over 45,000 enrollments, a clear indication of the importance of providing the updated advanced course.


The award challenges over 16s in various ways. The expressed mission is to provide learners with the skills required for offering safe sporting and recreational activities at all levels. The Professional Development Board is made up of key figures from across the leisure and fitness sector. The group is currently developing a framework for sport to ensure the appropriate occupational standards; qualifications and careers guidance are in place for the sports provision industry.

Nick Gibbs, Chair of the Board, discussed the importance of a standardised framework of qualifications being in place within the sports industry, saying: “My role as an employer in the industry allows me to fully appreciate the advantages that a commonly agreed framework for qualifications can have for employers. This qualification has a strong base of support from employers and Sports Leaders UK has demonstrated the industry need for the Award to be elevated to level 2.”

The introduction of this award reflects the approach taken by SkillsActive of being employer led, enabling those directly involved in the leisure and recreation industries to control their own training methods to best suit their needs. In order to endorse the submission of the new awards scheme to the QLA the Board examined criteria, which included assurances on career roles and industry support.

Through working with and for people employed within the field of health and fitness SkillsActive strive to ensure employers have access to the most effective learning resources and training programmes. As a nationwide body they can highlight fundamental developments and changes to people across the sector as well as provide information on how excellent working practices can be implemented for the benefit of businesses, employees and the public.

Mark Feakes, Sports Education Correspondent

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