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New Commentator Hopes to Make a Monkey of Us All?

As regular visitors to the site who naturally read assiduously to the end of each and every article will have noticed, a certain series has been trailed on FE News for some time now.

The series, entitled From the FE Trenches, is designed to be a thought provoking addition to our coverage of the Further Education sector. As the FE sector is often labelled the “neglected middle child” of the education arena, it may come as little surprise that the series could prove to be somewhat attention seeking. Sometimes light-hearted, sometimes sarcastic, it is hoped that this will generate thought into some side issues that can fall by the wayside in the hectic helter ““ skelter of FE from day to day.

Lulu Thertrolle

One of the most important tasks one faces when starting this sort of project is that of selecting the most suitable correspondent for the position. Of course, the problems encountered in selecting the best trained and qualified person for a job will be familiar to the denizens of FE! As such, as Editor of FE News, I am delighted to welcome a new face to the team.

Lulu Thertrolle is our dedicated From the FE Trenches correspondent, and will be expressing her opinion regularly on whatever takes her attention in the FE world. She, as can be seen from the photograph above, enters the world of FE with her eyes wide open and a curious quizzical expression on her face ““ even blushing a little at the attention. We hope that she will trigger thought and debate for interested parties across the country, and indeed beyond.

I asked Lulu to say a few words on the new series, and she kindly consented, saying: “The FE sector is full of passionate people working hard because they love education and helping people. I hope that I can be as effective in my work as they are in theirs. I am excited at the idea of making people think of a problem or a situation in a new way. I may be covered in pink fur and have cute button eyes, and my fur may be fluffy; but I don”t want my writing to be!”

Lulu shares the thoughts of all of us at FE News – we are eager to hear what you the reader has to say about the FE sector as well. So, whether you agree with Lulu Thertrolle; or you think she has gone completely off the beaten track; or you have an opinion on a subject that hasn”t been addressed; get in touch and tell us what you think!

Jethro Marsh

Coming to a screen right in front of you, it’s From the FE Trenches!

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