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NIACE backs initiative to get families learning together

The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) has backed a new campaign recognising the benefits of learning as a family.

Family Learning Week, running from the 7th October through to the 15th, is co-ordinated nationally by the Campaign for Learning, and aims to “raise awareness of the need for and benefits of learning as a whole family”. A series of activities will run all this week including dancing, arts, reading, languages, sports and local history, to get families learning together.

Francisca Martinez, Publicity Co-ordinator at NIACE, said: “NIACE is delighted to support Family Learning Week because of the positive contribution family learning has on everyone. Children are often the inspiration for their parents to get the confidence and the desire to go back to learning”.

“From reading bedtime stories to helping with homework to teaching them to play safely ““ these are often the real motivators. But it works both ways, just think of how many children are now teaching their parents and grandparents to use computers and to send text messages”, she added.

NIACE are also using the week as an opportunity for people to nominate an exceptional family who have “transformed their lives” through learning, for an Adult Learners Week Award.

She continued: “If you know a family whose learning journey others would find inspirational, then the Adult Learners” Week Awards are a fantastic opportunity to give them the recognition they deserve. I would encourage families up and down the country to find out what’s on offer during Family Learning Week”.

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Vijay Pattni.

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