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Northern Ireland Colleges in Conference

The Association of Northern Ireland Colleges (ANIC) held their conference in Limavady this week to debate the future of the FE sector.

The conference brings together key representatives from FE, Government awarding bodies and other education sectors, by setting up a forum to give people the chance to debate key issues affecting the FE sector, including an analysis on the current system and the future structure of colleges.

“FE colleges are making a significant contribution to economic development both at a local and a regional level, and the new strategic direction for colleges laid out by government will mean even greater co-operation between FE and industry and the Schools sector” said John D”Arcy, Chief Executive of ANIC.

Apart from providing an opportunity for colleges to demonstrate how they have been successfully engaging proactively with the business community, schools and community groups, the convention has been supported by well known organisations such as BT, PricewaterhouseCoopers, CCEA and Learndirect, with representatives from Microsoft and the BBC also present to share their good practice with colleges to solidify the relationship between colleges and the industry.

Kavita Trivedi

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