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Partnership designed to address retail sector skills needs.

“Skillsmart Retail joins forces with the Association of Learning Providers to support the retail industry

Skillsmart Retail, the Sector Skills Council (SSC) for Retail has signed a protocol with the Association of Learning Providers (ALP) to address the skills needs of the retail sector, current learners and potential future learners.

The aim of this protocol is to identify and tackle current and potential future learner needs as well employer skills needs. Eventually it will lead to the introduction of integrated working relationships between Skillsmart Retail and ALP members.

The proposed objectives of the latest partnership in FE to be announced include:

– To work together on behalf of all work-based learning providers, including key groups such as private training providers and colleges working in the retail sector

To formulate policy and strategy to strengthen the existing partnership between ALP and Skillsmart Retail to meet the needs of partners and employers

– To provide a channel of communication on skills issues related to the retail sector

– To provide a mechanism for linking ALP members to developments within the retail sector from an SSC perspective

-To ensure ALP members are fully informed of developments in retail sector skills and are able to contribute as appropriate

Anne Seaman, Chief Operating Officer of Skillsmart Retail, comments on the agreement, “As an Associate member of ALP, we are pleased to sign this protocol as it reinforces our collaborative approach. We hope it will be a mutually beneficial relationship to enhance the support we can offer training providers in improving the service they provide to retailers and their employees in developing skills in the retail sector.”

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