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Plumbing and heating company invests in renewable skills

A plumbing and heating company with a 90-year history is set to invest further in its future by training people in renewable energy products and skills.

Ewen-based DW Dunn initially gave Dean Stratford from South Cerney a four day placement, but two years on and he is now training as a maintenance, servicing and installation engineer in gas and oil. The company is paying for the 20 year old to gain his qualifications on their new EAL course for engineering, mechanical and building services at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College.

The company is moving into the renewable energy market and plans to recruit more engineers and take on more apprentices when the government Green Deal decision is announced.

Some 500,000 people have studied on EAL approved courses in schools, colleges, private training facilities and workplaces across the whole of the UK in the last five years.

EAL is a specialist qualification that is recognised by employers for the engineering, manufacturing and building services sectors.

Neil Saunders, DW Dunn’s managing director, believes it is important to recruit more local people as the company expands.

“We want to invest in local talent and as our business grows we will be looking to recruit more local people to help us expand into the new and existing world of renewable energy,” he explained.

Tom Beasley, business training manager for SGS Stroud, is backing DW Dunn in its plan to employ and train apprentices in the renewable energy sector.

Beasley said: “DW Dunn is a great example of a growing business that continues to thrive because it invests in the talent of young people, offering structured training and a real career path for progression.”

As DW Dunn moves into the renewable energy market, everything from solar photovoltaic cells to ground source heat pumps will be installed by the company.

Kyle Northern

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