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Results of LEA Adult Learning Survey

Adult language learning is popular throughout the UK.

CILT, the National Centre for Languages, in collaboration with the Association for Language Learning and NIACE have published results of a recent survey analyzing adult language learning in schools across the UK.

Surveys were sent out to 149 LEAs throughout the United Kingdom, with 69 responding with adult language learning programs. The results of the survey are based on the 69 responses, with the South Eastern and North Western regions showing the highest number of adult language learners.

A total of 97,410 language learners were recorded amongst the 69 responses. Approximately one third of language learners were taking Spanish, while French came in as the second most popular language of the thirty ““ six alternatives offered.

Wider Diversity in Languages

In the report, LEAs expressed concerns about having too many learners in the more popular language classes while several reported having to cancel some of the less popular classes due to lack of numbers and therefore of funding. They were also concerned about the lack of tutors.

Some LEAs provided examples of some of the means they have turned to in their search for solutions to the problem of barriers in provision. Course changes to attract learners and investing in tutor training and support were mentioned by about a quarter of all LEAs. Other measures included entering into collaboration with other providers and expanding their advertising.

The surveys indicated that adults are leaning languages for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from the demands of the workplace to personal interest and travel. Classes were available in the daytime and evening.

Kate Watkins

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