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Sector Skills Council Recognised for Raising Standards of Training

The Sector Skills council for the justice sector, Skills for Justice, has received an “outstanding” rating in a recent review of their activities in improving the skills of people working in the justice sector.

Skills for Justice is the Sector Skills council responsible for the skills development and further training of all professionals working within the UK justice system, such as police officers, prison wardens, prosecutors and those who work with victims of crime. And more money than ever is to be invested in this area, providing further evidence of the importance of this organisation just over a year after its inception.

They have secured a £75,000 performance bonus in recognition of their work in this area from the Sector Skills Development Agency (SSDA), who provide their funding. The award was announced after the SSDA judged their progress over the past twelve months to be “outstanding” in all areas.

A Fantastic Staff, A Fantastic Organisation

The Chief Executive of Skills for Justice Dick Winterton was proud to accept this accolade on behalf of the many staff who work tirelessly to provide the required service. “Every member of Skills for Justice staff is responsible for this result, and I am proud to lead such a fantastic organisation,” he said. “The extra cash will enable us to be even more effective in delivering what the Justice sector wants. With the support of our partners and stakeholders, I am sure that we will continue to go from strength to strength.”

Handing over the cheque was Christopher Duff, the Chief Executive of the SSDA, who is proud both of Skills for Justice and of the other twenty four Sector Skills council. He said: “I am delighted that Skills for Justice have made such an excellent start. We now have 25 Sector Skills Councils covering all parts of the UK economy. Skills for Justice is an example of Best Practice in this network. The Justice sector should be proud that so much has been achieved on its behalf, in such a remarkably short time.”

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