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Senior Management Shake-Up for LSC

Major changes are afoot at the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) according to an announcement made by their Chief Executive, Mark Haysom.

The shake-up, mainly in senior management, will aim to continue improving performance at the LSC and the service it provides to businesses and employees.

The changes follow the resignation of Jacqui Henderson, London Regional Director, last month. The role will be filled by David Hughes moving from the East Midlands Region, who will be working alongside the newly appointed Mary Conneely as Regional Director responsible for Regeneration. Taking over from David Hughes in the East Midlands will be Verity Bullough, former Regional Operations Director in London and Executive Director of London Central LSC.

Jacqui Henderson has been a key member of the LSC’s successful programme and has held pivotal roles within the body, such as Executive Director of LSC London Central.

The Regional Approach and the Regional Impact

Jacqui Henderson signed off saying: “The introduction of the new regional approach has had a significant impact on the way we work in London. Over the past year we have been able to strengthen our leadership role in the delivery of post 16 year old education and skills outside of higher education. There are many wonderful employment opportunities in London including major regeneration areas which will provide opportunity for local communities and of course the Olympics in 2012.

“London has made significant progress in education and training, we have the highest percentage of young people in the country moving onto further education and training after leaving school and the examination achievements rates for young people and adults continue to increase year on year. I am sure that David and his team will take forward and continue to strengthen the delivery of education and skills in London.”

Dan Atkinson.

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