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Skillset Innovates in the Film and TV Industries

As part of its remit to further the skills development, Skillset have announced a new Sector Skills Agreement for the film, TV, and interactive media industries in England. Dinah Caine OBE, Chief Executive of Skillset, says: “Through this Sector Skills Agreement the film, TV, and interactive media industries have taken great steps in committing themselves to a manifesto of collaborative solutions, matched not just by rhetoric but by real commitment and resource.”

The agreement sets out collaborative solutions to skills issues facing the sector. It was developed in partnership with employers, unions, trade organizations, colleges and universities, funding bodies, and qualification authorities. Clive Jones, Chief Executive of ITV, and Skillset Chair, said: “For too long the gap between skill needs of the industry and the skills provisions available has been too wide.”

Playing Catch ““ Up

Mr. Jones also says that the sector has been plagued by problems of having to play catch up with the fast paced technology market. He feels the new Sector Skills Agreement will enable them to stay ahead of the curve. He feels the plan addresses the core problems and offers real solutions to training problems that were seen in the past.

“This represents our very best chance to carve out a productive, successful, rewarding, and beneficial future for our industry,” he said.

The Sector Skills Agreements proposed by Skillset are put in place to help tackle skills problems that have been identified by industries. These relate to school based provision for 14-19 year olds, teacher support, careers information, advice and guidance, entry routes into the industry including apprenticeships, vocational training, qualifications, further and higher education provision, work based learning, and continual professional development.

Brooke Van Dam

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