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Survey finds retention increases if training is provided

Employees are more likely to stay with their current employer if they undertake further training as part of their job, according to the findings of a new survey revealed by the Learning and Skills Council (LSC).

The study of a 1000 adults in England revealed that 54% of respondents would be prepared to undertake further learning, than apply for a new job. Of those surveyed, 46% also said that training would make them more likely to stay with their job and the company.

The evidence today is in relation to previous research conducted by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS). The “Workforce Training in England” study in 2006, revealed that 4 in 10 employers reported an increase in staff retention, after staff received training from their employer.

Director of Skills for Employers at the LSC, Jaine Clark explained: “This research reveals a clear need for employers to change their attitude to training if they are to reduce staff turnover and boost morale.

However less then half of those interviewed, 40%, were likely to ask their employer for the training needed to help develop their roles.

She continued: “This is now easier than ever before thanks to our Train to Gain Service that offers independent, impartial advice at no cost to the employer. We would also encourage employees to take their future into their own hands and ask their employers about training before taking the step of finding a new job.”

Managing Director of Simon and Simon International Ltd, Simon Robinson commented: “The business benefits are undeniable and weve seen our staff retention improve as a direct result of the investment in training. Going through the Train to Gain service has been a very good experience for our company.”

Jason Seebaruth

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