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Teachers to benefit from reduced IfL fee over two-year plan

Teachers and trainers working in the further education and skills sectors are soon to see changes made to their memberships to the Institute for Learning (IfL).

Members of the professional body will now see changes made to their subscriptions as IfL has been able to reduce fees because of funding from the government to support  the need for fees to “feel fair as well as being clear and as simple as possible”.

In a joint statement released on behalf of IfL, trade unions and employers, a number of changes have been proposed in an attempt to pass more benefits on to teaching staff and to maintain excellent teaching standards in the profession.

Facilitated by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), the IfL will now be able to pass on fee savings to its members as well as pledging to continue to support them in the sector.

As part of the new proposals, those employees earning less than £16,000 or who are above the personal income tax threshold of £7,475 will see a reduced rate in their membership fee.

Other members who have already renewed their memberships for 18 months since 1 April 2011 or who will be renewing their policy before 31 March 2011 will pay £68 for a two year period.

The new proposals will also present an opportunity for members to pay an annualised fee of £38 for 2011/12 and 2012/13. This option will come with the guarantee that the fee will not exceed £68 in the following 2013/14 year.

Prior to this announcement, all teachers and trainers working in further education or skills provision under the Skills Funding Agency were required to become members of IfL.

Now, those teaching for less than 28 hours a year will be able to choose whether to join or not on a voluntary basis.

Since forming in 2002, IfL has continued to support and uphold standards of excellence in the teaching sector, supporting teachers and those working in voluntary and work-based learning centres.

The statement also confirms the organisation will set up a new reference group for trade unions and employers, and that IfL will be seeking chartered status.

IfL chair Sue Crowley is delighted with the support the organisation has received from the BIS in allowing these changes to come into effect.

“I would like to thank all those who took part in these important discussions, and the skills minister, John Hayes for facilitating the talks,” said Ms Crowley.

“We welcome BIS’s flexible approach and the offer of additional funding which has made it possible for IFL’s elected non-executive board to agree a two-year reduction in fees.”

Arianna Vaccaro

For those interested in joining the professional body for teachers and trainers across further education and skills, IfL, , the deadline for 2011/12 has been extended until Friday 22 July 2011. More information can be found its website


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