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The Sheffield College welcomes £25,000 boost to engineers

The Sheffield College has welcomed a national cash injection from New Engineering Foundation, the vocational education think tank, to train more engineering and science technicians and boost jobs.

The college will share £25,000 and comprise an expertise hub with Doncaster and Wakefield colleges for Yorkshire and the Humber employers.

Heather MacDonald, principal and chief executive of The Sheffield College, said: "This initiative will build on our existing action plan to create more opportunities and help businesses survive the recession and grow.

"The employers we work with need more technicians in the health, information technology and aviation sectors. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other colleges and enhance the economy by pooling our expertise."

According to a recent report by the House of Commons Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee (IUSSC), closer links between education and businesses are vital  to help people gain the specific skills they need to find jobs during the downturn.

Sa’ad Medhat, chief executive of the New Engineering Foundation, said: "On the one hand you have local businesses facing a challenging economic climate. On the other hand, you have further education colleges bursting with innovative ideas and practical expertise.

"The IUSSC is right to say that we need to forge closer links, but progress can be frustratingly slow. With the Knowledge and Technology Transfer and Exchange Nodes, we hope to kick-start the knowledge sharing process. The potential benefits for individual businesses and the wider economy are huge, and we’re delighted to award these grants."


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