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Tinseltowns finest puts weight behind new adult learning campaign

Hollywood has given adult learning a shot in the arm ““ after one of its distinguished patrons urged older learners to sign up to courses to develop their skills.

Kevin Spacey, esteemed theatre director and actor in numerous Hollywood Blockbusters including “Superman Returns”, has spoken out in favour of a new campaign called Sign Up Now”, run by the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE).

Speaking on the new initiative, Mr Spacey said: “Every day I work with artists, performers and those behind the scenes who need to keep their skills up to date. There is no age limit to learning. I certainly learn every single day”.

And Senior Campaigns Officer at NIACE, Rachel Thomson, was equally enthusiastic about the new drive to encourage adults into learning: “The message is simple but the evidence is overwhelming ““ learning transforms lives for the better. Whether you”re a Hollywood actor or someone who wants to improve their numeracy, learning is something you probably do every day ““ even if you don”t realise it”.

Lynne Bennie, from Plymouth, concurred: “I had no friends or social life and even found stepping outside the house daunting. But I knew that if I could join a local course and learn how to read and write I would be able to meet new people who were in the same situation as me”.

Harjitt Singh, from Surrey, was just as effusive: “Learning means the chance to change for the better, to become stronger and more independent. I can study and get the skills I need to get a good job and support my family”.

Rachel added: “All over the country courses are about to start at colleges, adult education centres, libraries, museums and community centres. And each year thousands and thousands of people get a thirst for knowledge that never dies. Sign up now to learning and you never know where it might lead”.

“Adult education offers opportunities to people at any stage in their life to develop their skills, change direction or pursue an ambition”, Mr Spacey noted.

For more information on Sign Up Now, contact learndirect free on 0800 100 900.

Vijay Pattni.

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