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FE Careers has launched FE Video today. FE Video is an online video and movie sharing service for the Further Education and Work Based Learning industry. FE Video has been developed to enable everyone in the Further Education sector to share video clips, view speeches and share best practice across the Work Based Learning and Further Education sector.

Industry leading bodies have already agreed to provide ongoing content, organisations ranging from Teachers.TV, unionlearn(TUC) to the Quality Improvement Agency (QIA). FE Video is the latest web development to be released from FE Careers and FE News. At the end of last year they also launched FE Events (an exhibition, conference and Further Education event calendar) and the SearchFE education directory.

Gavin, CEO of FE Careers explains the significance of FE Video. “The opportunities with FE Video are endless. The original idea came to me when I was sitting in a conference with 300 other people, when we heard an announcement that would affect the lives of millions of learners and hundreds of thousands of tutors, trainers, lecturers and assessors”¦ none of whom were in the room. This started me thinking. This idea has been playing on my mind for quite a while: “Wouldn”t it be great if the delivery staff and learners could see what the strategists were thinking?” From this FE Video was born!

“FE Video is a video clip and movie sharing site for the FE Community. Everything from speeches and best practice to news and general interest clips from the Further Education sector.

“We are really pleased to be working with Teachers.TV, QIA and unionlearn with broadcast quality video clips”¦ but FE Video is for the entire sector and we anticipate lecturers, tutors and assessors to be provide content very shortly too. As we have just launched today, we need everyone to get involved and sharing best practice for the whole FE industry.”

All video clips and movies uploaded on the FE Video site are also going to feed content to YouTube. To see the new website go to:-

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