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Warwickshire College Opens Language Schools for Exciting Project

Warwickshire College is taking English language learning to China. The college has just opened two new language schools in Ningbo and in Henan Province. The schools are run in collaboration with well-established partner schools and colleges in China.

Peter Consentino, International Manger at Warwickshire College said: “This is an exciting project which benefits the students and the college. Local children will gain the opportunity to study English local to their homes and at a reduced cost. They will be taught by native English speaking teachers, so that they are well-prepared when they progress to study at Warwickshire College in the UK.”

A History with International Students

Warwickshire College has a long history of working with international students from some 50 different countries. Chinese students, in particular, have formed a major part of this group studying a variety of different things including English, A-levels, Foundation and also Higher Education Level courses.

The current strength of the pound coupled with the difficulty of obtaining visas has led to many Chinese students going elsewhere for their education. They often now prefer cheaper alternatives such as Australia, Canada or the USA. The English Language Teaching schools in China are an effort by Warwickshire College to reverse this trend.

Brooke Van Dam, International Learning Correspondent

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