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BenQ and CENTURY partner to accelerate learning for pupils across the UK


BenQ announces partnership with multi-award-winning teaching and learning platform, CENTURY Tech.

Students across the UK will have the opportunity to accelerate their learning of English, Maths and Science for Primary, Secondary and Further Education as a result of a new partnership between leading innovator of visual display solutions, BenQ and multi-award-winning teaching and learning tool, CENTURY Tech.

BenQ’s interactive displays combined with CENTURY’s software is set to save educator time on marking, resource creation and admin as the CENTURY platform, accessed through BenQ’s interactive displays, can create content and resources.

BenQ and CENTURY’s vision is to enhance teaching and reduce workload by utilising the latest in AI, neuroscience, learning science and data. AI-suggested content is available on the BenQ App Store so users can download the content for lessons to their interactive display and access the materials from an Android operating system. Through initial diagnostic assessments, CENTURY identifies knowledge gaps and pushes thousands of relevant micro-lessons or ‘nuggets’ into a student’s learning pathway. Students are constantly and formatively assessed on CENTURY and are given personalised feedback to help them improve with over seven million questions already answered weekly on the app.

Content has been designed by experienced former teachers using proven pedagogical theories and presented in a digestible format with videos and slideshows. Utilising BenQ’s interactive display technologies, the partnership is set to revolutionise personalised education. The app only requires a few simple steps in order to get started – these include; logging onto your account (provided by the school), selecting the BenQ App Store and downloading the CENTURY app.

By going onto the ‘my courses’ tab, Teachers can encourage student participation in the classroom by displaying topics that have proved challenging onto the screen and explaining these in more detail, encouraging pupils to work through them together. As well as this, the content library helps students improve their scores, gives personalised feedback and allows parents to see their child’s progression. With the assignment tab, teachers can easily set classes to students using the search button to refine – these can then be accessed via the class admin tab.

Nicola Pearce, Head of Education at BenQ commented:

“We are delighted to extend our commitment to inspiring learning for young people and ensuring the best possible access to teaching resources through this partnership, whether that’s in the classroom or at home. We encourage existing CENTURY users to download the CENTURY application from the BenQ App Store to use the tool and experience the benefits.”

This unique collaboration will also allow educators to gain access to detailed performance data through easy-to-use dashboards that enable them to make timely, targeted interventions, whilst also promoting agency in learning by providing students with access to their own learning analytics.

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