Bespoke Professional Development and Training Limited is no longer an Ofqual-recognised awarding organisation.

Bespoke Professional Development and Training Limited (BePro) has surrendered its status as an Ofqual-recognised awarding organisation. BePro notified us in October 2020 that it intended to cease to be an Ofqual-recognised awarding organisation.

The surrender takes effect from 16 October 2020. From this date, BePro will no longer be recognised by Ofqual as a regulated awarding organisation. No qualifications (or End-Point Assessments) offered by BePro are regulated by Ofqual.

In August 2019 we recognised BePro as an awarding organisation and imposed a special condition preventing it from submitting any qualifications onto the Register of Regulated Qualifications until it had provided evidence to Ofqual:

  • of effective arrangements in respect of its internal quality assurance and appeals processes

  • that it had finalised its assessment materials, marking criteria and appeals policy

BePro submitted materials in accordance with the Special Condition. Following feedback from Ofqual in respect of the materials submitted, BePro decided to surrender recognition. BePro did not submit any qualifications to the register and has no active learners so its surrender of recognition has no impact on learners. The special condition can be found on our Regulatory actions and interventions collection page.

A full list of currently recognised awarding organisations and regulated qualifications can be found on the Register of Regulated Qualifications.

Published 19 October 2020