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Borders College Publishes Equality Report

Group of students outside college

@BordersCollege is pleased to publish its Equality Mainstreaming Report 2021-23. The report demonstrates the progress made towards creating an inclusive and representative organisation where staff and students can thrive, and where difference is respected and celebrated.

Since publishing our last report in 2021, we have made significant progress in our approach to equality and inclusion. Key highlights include the introduction of new systems to help us better understand and support our most vulnerable students; our invaluable partnerships with local organisations; the launch of ‘quiet induction’ to better support neurodivergent students; and an inclusive leadership course which is currently being delivered to all college managers.

In reality, equality diversity and inclusion work never truly has an end point. We recognise there is still much work to do; particularly around improving workplace diversity, addressing the gender pay gap and improving gender imbalance across traditional male and female courses.

As is the nature of equality and inclusion, achieving our aspirations in relation to these themes will take time. We are committed to deepening our understanding of these complex issues, and to making progress towards improving our practice in these areas. Above all, we are proud of the fantastic progress we have made so far.

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