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Cambridge and HP launch EdTech Fellowship to improve learning for millions across Africa

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Today, Monday 20 March 2023, Cambridge Partnership for Education and HP launch an inaugural EdTech Fellowship. The Fellowship will bring together leaders working in Sub-Saharan Africa to advance digital transformation in education systems across the continent.

The HP Cambridge Partnership for Education EdTech Fellowship is a seven-month programme that aims to equip senior government officials, advisors and NGO/business leaders with the knowledge and skills to lead impactful EdTech transformations in their education system. 

According to global research partnership EdTech Hub, “There is widespread recognition that technology will play an important role in the future of education in Africa, and [COVID-19] provided a ‘wakeup call’ to grapple seriously with this future”. However, the Global Campaign for Education also found that “Implementation of EdTech programmes during the COVID-19 emergency was often constrained and even led to failure when evidence was lacking as to why and how digital technologies facilitate desirable learning outcomes.” 

The Fellowship aims to address this paradox. Due to start in July, the programme will be tailored to local contexts and delivered through a residential course in Cambridge, online study and 1:1 executive coaching. Full and 80% scholarships are available for senior government officials to study on the programme.

Leaders will benefit from the expertise and evidence-based understanding of academics from the Digital Education Futures Initiative (DEFI) at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, and NGO OpenDevEd, led by Dr Björn Haßler who is also Technical Director of the EdTech Hub. DEFI and OpenDevEd have been partners in the design and delivery of the Fellowship programme.

Leaders will graduate from the Fellowship as HP Cambridge Partnership for Education EdTech Fellows. They will be the first members of an alumni network who will work together, supported by experts, to overcome common challenges to improving education through technology – from connectivity and devices to the creation of digital content and growing learners’ and teachers’ digital skills.

“Digital transformation looks different in every country, but this programme will transform how we support one another to realise its potential. This is the first time Cambridge Partnership for Education has launched a fellowship programme, building on a long history of Cambridge convening leaders and thinkers to solve our biggest challenges. We are excited to bring together the public and private sectors to support evidence informed EdTech approaches that will improve the lives of millions of children. In uncertain times, it is more important than ever to help leaders use EdTech effectively to build more resilient education systems.” says Jane Mann, Managing Director at Cambridge Partnership for Education.

“At HP we believe that digital equity in education is crucial for the exercise of human rights and can only be achieved when every person has gained equitable and inclusive access to skills and knowledge, services and opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic illuminated the extent of the challenges of digital access and literacy around the world that have always existed – and will continue to exist and grow if we do not work together to find solutions. The HP Cambridge Partnership for Education EdTech Fellowship is an example of our focus on bridging the digital divide across the continent, enabling Education Policy Makers and Leaders from across the public and development sectors to upgrade their skillset and support the educational transformation in Africa.” says Mayank Dhingra, Senior Education Business Leader, Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa at HP. 

HP Cambridge Partnership for Education EdTech Fellows will be empowered to support colleagues and build capacity across their teams, with access to passes for a three-month moderated and certified online EdTech course that covers the basics of the full programme.

HP and Cambridge are now welcoming applications to the Fellowship:

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