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Census dates

Every local authority is required to provide an individual child level early years census return in 2023.

Every funded early years setting in England must provide the necessary information to their local authority to enable them to complete this return.

Local authorities should work closely with early years providers to make sure that:

all pupils who are in scope for the early years census are included in the return
data supplied from early years providers is correct

Local authorities may want to notify their providers of their own submission deadlines.

The early years census day is Thursday 19 January 2023.

The census will collect data on all children taking up free provision during census week.

The deadline for loading data onto COLLECT is Friday 10 March 2023.

This is to allow for error correction, credibility checking and authorisation to take place before the collection closes.

You must submit and approve your census return by Friday 14 April 2023.

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