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Central YMCA celebrates Pre-Apprentices and Apprentices at the House of Commons

Central YMCA’s Annual National Apprenticeship Awards event was an evening of deserved celebration.

Hosted by Dame Rosie Winterton MP, and sponsored by Sanctuary House, the event showcased learners who overcame barriers through drive and persistent support from tutors and employers to gain qualifications that made a positive change in their lives. The event also drew a line-up of politicians from across the House to help in the presentation of the awards.

Minister for Skills, Apprenticeships and Higher Education Robert Halfon said:

“These awards are a reminder of the power of apprenticeships, and I am delighted that the winners are successfully climbing up the ladder of opportunity by establishing a rewarding career path.”

For over 40 years now, Central YMCA, one of the UK’s leading education, health and wellbeing charities, has successfully trained thousands of learners each year and seen them go on to build rewarding and fulfilling careers. Over the past 11 years alone they have supported more than 20,000 apprentices.  

Ryan Palmer, Interim Chief Executive at Central YMCA said:

“A truly inspiring evening, celebrating the achievements of our learners, the power of apprenticeships and the value of collaborative partnerships with employers, partner training providers and policy makers.”

The winners

Six learners and one employer were recognized for their outstanding achievements:

Inspirational Pre-Apprentice of the Year: Murat Ozmicco, 19, London 

“It feels nice to be noticed for my hard work, I mean this is just another step that’s going to motivate me and do better.”

Inspirational Apprentice of the Year: Tee Semper, 30

“I felt completely shocked, I didn’t know I was going to win the award tonight but I feel truly grateful because I’ve worked really hard for this, and it’s built my confidence, and it’s actually got me further and allowed my mind to progress to show me where I want to go in life. This award has showed me how far I can go, and there’s no end to the race, I just keep on going.”

Pre-Apprentice Progression of the Year: Leila Duncan, 18, Leeds

“I was shocked, I didn’t believe it, because I’ve never even been to London!”

Apprentice Progression of the Year: Robbie Phipps, 23, Surrey

“It feels amazing to win an award, knowing that my hard work is being recognised, going forward, I think it’s definitely a good thing to have on my CV, and have recognised by future employees.”

Pre-Apprentice of the Year: Johnson Hynes, 18, Doncaster

I always dreamed of being in London but never in Parliament, so it’s just a great experience.”

Apprentice of the Year: Emma Louise Wilkinson, 19, Cambridge

“I’m really shocked but I’m really excited as well. And I think obviously, it’s a good thing to have on my CV and it will help in the future as well to have that behind me, it will make a big impact I think.”

Employer of the Year: Joanna Fullerd from The Guinness Partnership

“Hearing about all the apprentices, reminds me of the ones we work with at Guinness, I support them in anything, even out of their apprenticeship, any stress, how can I help them, how can we make sure we’re giving them everything that they need to succeed whether it’s confidence, whether it’s time, money, equipment to be able to do it, support from the managers, support from their colleagues and just making sure that we give them everything, so they can succeed.”

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