Ofsted revises post-inspection processes and complaints handling to bring about greater consistency across its work.

Ofsted is revising its post-inspection and complaints-handling arrangements so that any queries or concerns about an inspection can be dealt with quickly and before an inspection report is finalised.

This follows a public consultation, published in March 2020. Ofsted received more than 600 responses from a wide range of respondents, including early years providers, schools, further education and skills providers, social care providers and parents.

Ofsted will:

  • introduce greater consistency in post-inspection arrangements across inspection remits
  • standardise at 5 working days the period allowed for providers to review their draft report and raise any issues of factual accuracy and about the inspection process
  • consider and respond to formal complaints from inspected providers before we publish their inspection report, if these complaints are submitted within 5 working days of Ofsted issuing the final report
  • retain current arrangements for internal reviews into complaints handling, including the scrutiny panel

Most respondents supported the proposals and responses were broadly consistent across all the different areas that Ofsted inspects. After considering all the consultation responses received, Ofsted plans to implement the new arrangements, including providing more time for formal complaints to be submitted. The consultation outcome is published today.

Ofsted will also update its complaints policy and will publish this in the coming months.

Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman said:

I am pleased with the positive responses to our consultation. We need to be able to deal quickly and effectively with queries and concerns before we finalise and publish an inspection report.

The changes we are making will help to make sure our processes are efficient, fair and responsive to the providers we inspect.

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Published 16 July 2020