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Cognita Tutoring Launches New 11+ Tutoring Service

Cognita Tutoring – the new online tutoring service which incorporates ‘#AI’ and is built around a structure that incorporates the parent, with only qualified teachers acting as tutors has launched its new 11+ tutoring service.

The 11+ entrance examination for secondary school, taken towards the end of Year 5 often sees students failing the exam through lack of preparation. Because the exam specifically tests the child’s ability to think critically, respond to instructions and work under time pressure, the new 11+ service will hone in on verbal and non-verbal reasoning – subjects not covered in the national curriculum, but essential for passing the 11+.  Maths and English are also included in the new service.

Many parents often feel overwhelmed when preparing their child for the 11+, however with Cognita Tutoring’s new tutoring service, the pathway to the 11+ exam, need not be as daunting as it previously once was. Cognita Tutoring’s new flexible service means parents can enlist their child now, in order to build skills and familiarity with question types, in a stress-free environment.

Each session is tailor-made and costs £55 per student and includes; one hour session with a qualified teacher; unlimited access to CENTURY – its AI-driven learning platform; feedback after every session for the parent, with access to the tutor between sessions. Cognita Tutoring – 11 Plus

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