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Cumbrian schools receive digital manufacturing training and equipment through Sellafield SiX funded programme

STUDENTS at 12 Cumbrian schools are to benefit from new digital manufacturing equipment and specialist teacher training thanks to a collaboration between 3D printing experts and industry.

3D printing and digital manufacturing business 3D 360 is providing state-of-the-art equipment and training to school teachers across the region through its Local Industry Funding Technology (LIFT) programme following funding from Sellafield Ltd’s SiX – Social Impact Multiplied programme.

The LIFT scheme allows local industry to sponsor equipment and training among teachers across Cumbrian schools at varying levels to help students gain vital skills in a fast-growing industry.

Lee Fogg, Technical Director of 3D 360 said:

“Enabling young people to experience digital manufacturing through inclusion, making STEM subjects more appealing and allowing us to start to level up Cumbria in terms of addressing skills gaps and future skills is a fantastic opportunity.

“Young people taking up STEM subjects has been on the decline for a number of years and the LIFT programme should help address this and dispel some of the stereotypes around digital manufacturing.

“By training the region’s teachers in 3D printing, 3D CAD, digital sculpting, vacuum forming and CNC digital die cutting, this will allow students to be exposed to digital skills and provide teachers with alternative teaching methods that appeal to some of the more practical or creative minded students. 

“These skills are widely used across engineering, creative arts, TV and media and the health sector and could help direct Cumbrian students into apprenticeships, further education or self-employment. We are working with Barclays Eagle Labs and Lakes College as a natural progression into higher education.

“We are extremely grateful to Sellafield Ltd. for supporting our aims through its very kind  support towards the LIFT programme, funding the opportunity for these 12 schools and giving students access to expert training and equipment.

“The LIFT programme is open to companies of all sizes with various packages available, and it is a great opportunity for industry to support young people’s development and teach them new skills for life.”

Tracey West, Sellafield Ltd Social Impact Manager said: “It is important to us to ensure that we are providing the next generation with skills that enable them to access a future sustainable income and that 3D printing and digital manufacturing is going to continue to play a key role in the future of manufacturing.

“This is why we have supported the amazing work that 3D 360 is doing across Cumbria, which will help to level up the North, with students getting a step ahead in their understanding of such an important technological development.”

Run by research and development engineers Lee and business partner Paul Bullock, 3D 360 is an engineering company known for being a subject matter expert in 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing), Digital Manufacturing and 3D CAD.

The company operates out of a range of bases across Cumbria including in Whitehaven and Windermere.

The LIFT programme provides three levels of sponsorship – gold, silver, bronze – open to local businesses and companies who are looking to support education providers across Cumbria.

The scheme is open to any company and they can choose to sponsor a single school or multiple.

Packages available through LIFT are: 

  • Bronze – providing two 3D printers, housed within fully sponsored branded safety enclosures, WIFI upgrade and consumables;
  • Silver – an additional two days of 3D CAD training and five free form digital sculpting tablets to support the Z Brush training;
  • Gold – provides all the above plus a Mayku vacuum former and a Cricut CNC multi material cutting and die machine.

3D 360 is also running a series of fully and part-funded courses for individuals and businesses as part of a pilot programme to help upskill the Cumbrian population in emerging technologies. The Cumbria Skills Bootcamps will run until the end of March.

To find out more about 3D 360 courses including the Introduction to 3D Printing and 3D CAD and the Digital Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 course and how you or your business can sign up, visit: 

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