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Diversity in Sports launched for 2022

Expanded Diversity in Sports programme opens for 2022

LONDON (UK): Two Circles has today launched the 2022 edition of Diversity in Sports, the mentoring and development programme supporting and accelerating the growth of under-represented talent across the sports industry.

The six-month programme creates opportunities and provides resources for individuals who have faced barriers preventing them from fulfilling their potential, enabling them to develop well-rounded skills and pave their way in the sports industry.

It is open to anyone who has faced career barriers, be that age, beliefs, sexuality, race, disability, gender, to financial, geographical, health, family or lifestyle challenges.

Diversity in Sports is an evolution of the Diversity in Digital Mentoring Programme, launched by LiveWire Sport in 2020, and returns for a third year with an expanded scope following the agency’s acquisition by Two Circles in February.

George Foster, UK Managing Director of Two Circles, said: “We believe the sports industry will perform at its best when it’s representative of the audience it serves, and it’s all too obvious this isn’t currently the case. We are committed to being the change we want to see and helping the sports industry on the journey to greater representation.

“LiveWire Sport’s Diversity in Digital Mentoring Programme was a key area of conversation from the moment we first discussed acquiring LiveWire a year or so ago. We are determined to help evolve and grow it together and unlock the exciting potential it has for even greater impact moving forward.”

Pranav Soneji, Director (Content) at Two Circles and LiveWire Sport co-founder, added: “We’re excited about how the Two Circles network can help build on the first two years of the programme. More than 70% of the people who have been through it to date have been able to experience paid work with us, and we hope even more deserving, talented people will be supported in making their dream careers a reality this year.

“Additionally, as an agency we’re committed to expanding the Diversity in Sports footprint over the coming months, supporting those already established in the industry and empowering them into management positions to reinforce genuine, lasting change.”

Successful applicants to the Diversity in Sports programme will be given two mentors each from across Two Circles based on their specialisms and/or aspirations, while also meeting regularly as a group for skills and development training from specialists both in and outside sport. The programme is designed so participants can continue to work or study over the course of the six months.

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