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Donation puts Coventry College students on track for careers in motorsport

Level 3 Motorsport student Chloe Elliott-Sewell

Future motorsport mechanics learning their craft in Coventry have got their hands on high-end tools to prepare them for the workplace thanks to a donation from a leading equipment supplier.

Draper Tools has donated four of its 127-piece toolkits to be used by Motorsport students at Coventry College, allowing them to perfect their automobile repair and technician skills on modern performance vehicles whilst studying for their level 3 diplomas.

The Motor Vehicle department at Coventry College has seen a huge increase in interest from school leavers this year, and continues to call for companies in the car and manufacturing industries to support the next generation of vehicle technicians by donating equipment and used cars.

The donation came after Martin Braybrook, of Brookspeed Motors, introduced the college to the supplier to support its Motorsport course, which was launched this year.

Gordon Davies, Lecturer in Motorsport at Coventry College, said: “We are extremely grateful to Draper Tools for taking an interest in the development of our students, and for Martin for making this valuable industry connection.

“There are now four kits for our students to use, which will give them a great insight into the type of equipment they will be working with in their future careers.

“Our department is growing quickly so it is really encouraging to know that companies in the industry are willing to lend a hand to support the next generation of the car industry workforce.

“I’d like to thank Draper Tools for their generosity. Their donation will go a long way to providing a top practical education to our students.”

Terry Melia, Business Development Manager for Colleges at Draper Tools, said: “It’s great to be working with the team at the Motor Vehicle department and getting behind the next generation of technicians.

“We may be over 100 years old as a business – but we never stop looking to the future. The skills being taught at Coventry College are vital to the future and that’s something we’re very proud to support.

“It’s our firm belief that quality technical training and teaching should be accompanied by quality tools, to deliver the best possible learning experience for all. We’d like to take this opportunity to wish the students all the very best on their courses and in their future careers.”

Gemma Knott, Vice Principal for Business Growth, Engagement and Partnerships at Coventry College, said: “Coventry College has a fantastic reputation for establishing industry links, and this is another example of one company showing real enthusiasm for supporting the emerging workforce.

“Our Motorsport course is new but growing fast, so we are looking for support wherever possible. Draper Tools has set a great precedent for this course going forward as connections to industry will be vital to its growth, and will allow the students to make the most of their time spent under the bonnet.”

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