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End of year celebration for students

End of year celebration for students

Students from Barking & Dagenham College were given trophies at the Learner of The Year Awards, an end-of-year celebration event.

Each subject area, ranging from childcare, plumbing, to sport had one overall winner named as Learner of The Year.

Winners included Protective Services student Nadine Baker. Her tutor Gwen Edwards explains why she was nominated:

“Nadine motivates her class members. Her confidence in leading her team is amazing. I’m so proud of the achievements that she has made during her journey at the College.

“Nadine is kind and considerate to her classmates, always offering them support and encouragement. Nadine is the first student to volunteer on our projects. She is a true star student!”

Nadine will continue her public service journey, as she has gained an apprenticeship opportunity working in Special Education once she leaves college.

As well as the award ceremony, the college ran its Festival of Success event, a chance for all students to have fun and celebrate their achievements: a DJ, free food, games and beauty treatments were on offer for the students to enjoy.

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