Analysis of the effect that free schools, studio schools and university technical colleges (UTCs) would have on the local area.


Free schools that opened in 2018: impact assessments

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The preliminary ratings are independent of one another. Each school has been judged separately, not taking into account the possibility that other local schools might ‘share’ the impact of the new free school.

All impact ratings take the following factors into account (using data available at the time of the impact assessment):

  • distance from the proposed free school
  • number of unfilled places (for primary, secondary and sixth forms)
  • latest Ofsted rating
  • faith designation (for primary, secondary and sixth forms)

Depending on the type of free school being proposed we will also consider other data available before making a final decision on the likely impact of a school on the local area.

See impact assessments for free schools that opened in other years.

Published 11 February 2020