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Genius Group Launches Genius Metaversity in Partnership with Vatom

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Genius Group, a leading entrepreneur edtech and education group, has launched Genius Metaversity, a virtual reality learning environment in partnership with Vatom to hold educational courses and summits in the Metaverse.

Genius Group’s Global AI Investor Summit held on June 2 and June 3, 2023 was the first event hosted in the Metaversity via the Vatom platform and was a great success with around 2,000+ attendees from around the world joining with their own virtual avatars, connecting in a global classroom, interacting with speakers and joining courses and programs.

As part of Genius Group’s commitment to this transformative technology, the Company is developing four virtual campuses in the Metaverse: Entrepreneur Campus, Investor Campus, University Campus and School Campus. Each offers a new learning experience for student members, mentors and partners. Each campus will have a vibrant community, lead mentors, course content, GEMS and AI Genies to service GeniusU members and partners.

By leveraging Vatom’s virtual world-building tools, Genius Group’s community can access immersive experiences intended to revolutionize the way they learn and interact with educators, mentors, and fellow students online. This exciting partnership between Genius Group and Vatom also benefits partners of GeniusU, who can now host their own courses and events on the Vatom platform within the Genius Metaversity.

Roger James Hamilton, Founder of Genius Group says: 

We are pleased to be partnering with Vatom to bring cutting-edge technology into our online events. Our goal has always been to empower people globally with the necessary knowledge and tools to become successful entrepreneurs. Our Genius Metaversity is the next evolution in our technology platform, offering a more interactive way of engaging with our learning resources, videos and other content online.”

“Vatom’s unique set of tools enables us to build our Genius Metaversity into a virtual world of learning and connecting that can be accessed by multiple platforms. Our ambition is to enable students, faculty and partners to connect and learn, together with their Genie AI virtual mentors, via laptop, mobile and VR headsets including Meta Quest and Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro. We believe this platform will revolutionize how we learn, work and invest, and we are thrilled to be part of that change.”

Eric Pulier, Founder and CEO of Vatom adds: 

“We envision the metaverse as a ground-breaking catalyst that will revolutionize education and empower learners like never before. The Genius Metaversity will unlock limitless possibilities, fostering collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, ultimately empowering individuals to shape their own future and contribute to a smarter, more interconnected world.”

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