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Global Citizenship at the heart of learning at Borders College

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In today’s day and age, thanks to technology and advances in communication and transportation, human beings are more linked on a global scale than ever before.

@BordersCollege is aware that its students are the future of our region and beyond, and a new initiative has been launched to teach and encourage globally orientated values alongside the current curriculum.

The Global Citizenship Award was recently introduced to assist students in developing the essential skills and personality traits that allow them to effectively interact with the world at large, hence turning them into productive‘global citizens’.

The four main objectives of the initiative include, teaching students to be ‘responsible’ to themselves, others, the community and the environment. To implement this, free Carbon Literacy training will be offered, providing students with the knowledge of how our environment is affected by the way we choose to live, while details on where to gain support and guidance will also be offered.

To be ‘resilient’ by understanding the importance of the need for change to the environment, preparing for challenges ahead and developing coping strategies. This will involve the College’s Student Experience Team joining students at the induction process and teaching them about resilience and how to overcome difficult situations.

To be ‘respectful’ to themselves, be inclusive and innovative, and responsible for other cultures. The College will launch its Respect campaign throughout the academic session and will promote an inclusive culture and demonstrate behaviours that respect and embrace diversity.

To be ‘recognised’ as skilled, confident, qualified and as a ‘global citizen’. The focus on this area will see the College ensuring that the courses offered are relevant to the needs of global and local regions, and students who successfully complete their course will receive a certificate that enables them to either gain employment, progress to higher level study or begin a university course.

Vice Principal for Student Experience at Borders College Anne-Marie Sturrock had the following to say:

“This is an extremely exciting time for Borders College. Students are the future of our region and beyond. Providing  students with training to become ‘Global Citizens’ is key to their success. This training is about students making ethical decisions about our environment but also having an inclusive and resilient approach to everything they do and every decision they make.“

Once all the elements of the Global Citizenship Award are completed, students will be presented with a certificate of achievement along with a Borders College Global Citizenship Pin. Ultimately, ‘Global Citizens’ make the world a more equitable place and live and promote a more sustainable way of life.

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