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International students benefit from success coaches support on their university journey

An international student says she has found it even easier to adjust to studying in the UK after Coventry University Group started providing access to Student Success Coaches to all of its students.     

Denisa Ismailaj, 22, says her success coach, Nathan, has helped her better understand differences in grades, given her more confidence and helped her join in with student activities.

The prospect of studying in a new country can be a daunting one for students, but Coventry University recognises that support in life skills is just as important as academic grades, in preparing students for success.  

Denisa, from Albania, said: “I’ve been using success coaches this year- they’ve been amazing! One thing they’ve really helped me with is understanding the gradings and the academic process. Nathan, my success coach has helped me understand that my grades are not bad, that I’m a good student and that’s made me feel better about myself. It has improved my confidence. 

“Using success coaches over the past year has also helped me get involved in more activities at University. It can be hard as an international student because you have to ask about different activities and seek them out – thanks to success coaches, I’m trying new things.”

At Coventry, success coaches provide a tailored Success Plan and students can take part in individual or group coaching sessions, covering areas such as empowerment, life coaching, self-confidence, time management, presentation skills and more.

They are also able to connect students to help with wellbeing issues like mental health, disabilities, finance or welfare.

Helping students settle into university life in general, through areas like sports, societies, social activities and peer mentoring, also plays a part. 

Michelle Walkes, Student Success Coach Lead Practitioner, said: “It is all about letting students know there is someone there if they need them. Sometimes students just want advice on how to make the most out of university life. We work with them to create Success Plans; setting goals for what they want to achieve during their time at university. It’s also very quick to see a success coach, you can see a coach within 24 hours (subject to university business opening hours).”    

Coventry University Group offers a range of support to international students and our new International Pathways Programme (IPP) is designed to provide learners with the necessary English language skills to begin their studies with us.

The IPP offers students an alternative pathway to achieve their aspirations of a UK degree if their English and Academic qualifications are not enough for direct entry. Coventry University can support them academically as well as socially.

International students applying for an International Pathways scholarship may currently benefit from financial support worth £3,000.   

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